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Meet the Artist 

My name is Darragh Bourke and I am a self-taught artist. I was born and raised in Ballina Co. Mayo on the west coast of Ireland where I grew up with very little influence from other artists. 

Drawing has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. 

Thankfully my work has some good press and word of mouth lead to commissions. 

This over the past year has organically grown and what started as a hobby soon became an evening job. 

I have many more creative ideas to put on paper and hope you continue to follow my journey. 



Catriona Hutchison

"It is a pleasure to have Darragh as my friend and even better now to have his artwork on my wall. there is strength in 'unity' "

Nevan Galligan

"Inspiring. Love my print, it brightens up my life"

Emily Foster

" Big thank you to Darragh Bourke for the newest edition to the flat, we love it!"

Conor Madden

" Always astounded by this mans work, really happy with the print, excellent quality, will definitely get more!"

Amy Mee

"Love my new print!! So talented"

Kirsten Bennett

"So, so happy with my print form the talented man himself Darragh Bourke! It fit in perfectly in my room and gives me constant reminders of my passion for physio and his love for art.. very impressed"